Organisation Building

Masifundise facilitates the formation and growth of mass based community organisations in poor coastal areas. Masifundise seeks to build the individual and collective leadership capacity of these organisations so that they can play an effective role to campaign and lobby for their socio economic rights and for community development projects to safeguard the interest of their local communities.

This capacity building work takes on various forms. Key themes or focus areas include:

  • leadership and organising skills
  • organisational development
  • project / campaign planning, monitoring & evaluation

Organisation and capacity building work is preferably based on real issues so that community leaders ‘learn while they do’ and deliver at the same time.


Research, Lobbying and Advocacy

Masifundise engages in popular and participatory research work that is aimed at achieving a better understanding of the developmental issues and challenges facing fishing communities. This research work feeds into community lobbying activities as well as advocacy work that is design to deliver and secure the socio economic and livelihoods rights of these communities.
A key objective of this work is to influence legislation and policy that impacts on coastal communities.



Masifundise recognises that existing patriarchal and discriminatory gender relations limits and reduces the role of women in social and economic domain. The organisation aims to promote awareness of these unequal gender relations and promote the elimination of all forms of gender discrimination. of women through adopting an integrated approach to gender within our work programme. The organisation works with women both separately and together with men in order to achieve this objective.

Masifundise adopts an integrated gender equality approach in our work programme by building local women’s groups as well as mainstreaming gender equality issues in all aspect of community development work.


Masifundise regards access to knowledge and information as a central requirement for community development. To this end Masifundise seeks to develop an internal documentation and information hub and to use various forms of media to make this information accessible to local fishing communities. This includes the production of FishersNet – a regular community newsletter that is used to facilitate the building of community organisation and mobilising around campaign and projects tackled in local communities. Through this medium communities are made aware of their rights and are encouraged to take active steps to lobby for these rights.

Occasionally Masifundise also produces reports and “discussion papers” that engage with developmental challenges faced by small scale fishing communities